Kenny Putnam releases new CD

Odd Numbers is Kenny Putnam’s newest album, featuring songs he’s always wanted to record.

Rapid City musician Kenny Putnam is celebrating another milestone in his storied career — the release of another album. While it’s not his first, this one may be a little bit special, as it’s all selections he’s loved and wanted to record for a long time. 

“With my wife, Linnea’s, encouragement and the help from longtime band mate, Chris Guage, I finally got it out,” Putnam writes on the inside cover of the album.

The album, Odd Numbers, is a collection of well-known, lesser-known and even traditional tunes fit as a fiddle, pun intended. The selection features traditional songs, such as “Little Rabbit” (see a clip of this below, featuring Mike Connors) and “Shenandoah,” and even more recent hits, like “Low Rider” and “First Kiss,” the latter of which was written by Carlene Carter and John Jorgenson. 

A personal favorite is “Goodbye Liza Jane,” for the emotion it packs in just a little over two minutes. But “Low Rider” is just plain fun. There’s no mistake, Odd Numbers is perfection; you definitely won’t listen to the album just once.

The album tracks are: 

   1 – Goodbye Liza Jane
   2 – First Kiss
   3 – They Can’t Make Her Cry
   4 – Little Rabbit
   5 – Honeysuckle Rose
   6 – Low Rider
   7 – Up Up Up
   8 – Reloj (Clock)
   9 – Lee Highway/Shenandoah
10 – Hawaiian War Chant

Putnam is most known for his time spent as Roy Clark’s fiddle player, where he toured all over the world — from the Grand Ole Opry to Leningrad in the former Soviet Union. Amongst locals, Putnam is known as the outgoing violinist with the Red Willow Band, Song Pilots and Lonely Rangers.

Odd Numbers was produced, recorded and mixed at MoonHouse Studio in Austin, Texas. Additional tracking was done by Putnam at his studio in Rapid City. The quality of the album is wonderful, its clarity and terrific sound making you feel like Putnam is quite literally right the room with you.

Other musicians featured on the album are Chris Guage, guitar, tap steel, piano, accordion and vocals, Christine Albert, vocals, Brad Fordham, string bass, Kym Warner, mandolin and mandola, and Kevin Hall, drums and percussion. 

From the quality to the talent, Odd Numbers is just exceptional. It was also a thrilling experience to witness Putnam’s talent with friends and fellow admirers, courtesy of Lisa and David Brown of Custer, who hosted an album release party at their home on Saturday, Oct. 12. 

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